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About Utopia Here

We can create a utopia here on Earth.

The name says it all. We’re about bringing empathy, progress, and understanding to the world around us. We use logic, intellectual honesty, and rationality to try to bring about a better world. We believe that if human beings can better use our surprising intellect to solve problems, we will someday be able to achieve a better world for ourselves and our future fellow humans.

What you will find here is a collection of articles and videos written with the intent of further unity, human rights, and a common understanding of each other. Your challenge is to separate your ideas from your identity so that we can have an honest discussion about important issues facing humankind.

Some articles you may find valuable. Others you may not. That is okay. However, our drive is to provide unique commentary on the world around us with the hopes that we can spur you out of your bubble and into rational discussions using logic instead of emotions. This can prove to be a bit hard sometimes, especially with content that may offend you. Do it anyway.

We can all grow together.